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Unforgettable memory about fashion prescription sunglasses

In this lifetime, we would experience all kinds of things and meet various people. Some of these things or people keep lingering on in our memory and would not disappear. There was some unforgettable memory about fashion prescription sunglasses.

I have separated with my boyfriend for about three months, and I have never got a night’s good sleep since the day we broke up. All the friends said that I looked grey and I should try to find another people to love. I also wanted to change, but there was something that I just could not let go. Take that pair of sunglasses as an example, I could remind every minute when we were together choosing it on the internet. It was he who taught me how to buy fashion prescription sunglasses in the online eyeglasses store. I remembered that it was before my birthday, and he said that he wanted to buy me a pair of fashion sunglasses. Hearing that, I was a little curious since I had never heard of people sending sunglasses as birthday gifts. Anyway, sunglasses were not those fresh choices. But my ex-boyfriend told me that we were going to choose that pair of fashion prescription sunglasses from an online eyeglasses store. Well, I had to admit that it was really a fresh and fashionable way of shopping. He said that he got the online address of that online eyeglasses store out of accident, so he wanted to share with me immediately. That afternoon, we bought some snacks and sat in front of the laptop in our bedroom. I remembered that when the sunshine shone on him, he looked that gorgeous. When he clicked open the website, both of us were greatly taken aback by the large number of online eyeglasses. Every pair of prescription sunglasses looked very fashionable with the pictures, and all of them were marked in a very low price. According to the online eyeglasses store, they sold their eyeglasses at very low prices since they wanted to thank all the old and new customers who had been supporting them for such a long time. Then he chose a pair of rimless eyeglasses with round lens for me as my birthday gift.

When I was holding this pair of fashion prescription sunglasses from this store , I could not help thinking of those days when we were together.