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How to Buy Cheap Glasses

Now there are so many online glasses stores selling cheap eyeglasses. I ordered a pair of prescription lenses and I only paid $49.00 for them. The online glasses store service guy told me that if I just need basic glasses, I can be able to get them for $7.95. And they told me the steps on how to buy the cheap glasses from their site.

First, go to their online store and we will find a great deal of bargains on eyeglasses. We can choose from different types of glasses frames like metal or plastic frames. They have a variety of options.

Secon, in the left pane of the window at their site, we can find that we can get glasses by the price. Some lenses will cost a little more, that is mean if you need some special glasses lenses, you have to pay more. I know when I ordered the progressive lenses, I cost an extra $17.00. So when you are searching, make sure you take these things into consideration.

Lastly, if you just need cheap glasses with no extras, you may be able to find a pair for $7.95. I like to buy glasses online, I have many chances to choose, and online optical stores makes it so easy to order prescription glasses online. It explains in detail everything that you need to know or to measure on your face so that you can order the glasses without help. We could not believe how easy it was to order new glasses and we will get the new glasses within two weeks.