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Eyeglass frames made of different material

Though I have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for several years, I know nothing about different eyeglass frames. Several days ago, I bought a pair of eyeglasses in, thanks to the patient optician in this net shop, I not only bought a pair of satisfying eyeglasses, but also get a better understanding of different fames.

According to material, eyeglass frames can be divided into three basic kinds: metal, nonmetal and natural.
Metal frames can be further divided into several types, they are: copper alloy, nick alloy and titanium. Frames made of copper alloy usually are very cheap, for they have the disadvantages of easily corroded, easily distorted and get rusted. Frames made of nick alloy are more corrosion resistant than copper alloy frames, and their intensity is better than copper frames, too. At present, most metal frames are made of nick alloy. This kind of frames belongs to the middle rank. Frames made of titanium are said to be the up rank among metal frames. Titanium is a new strong light silver-white metal that is used to make aircraft and spacecraft. Its most distinctive feature is light. And it has high intensity, high corrosion resistant ability and high plasticity. While, in the market there is a kind of eyeglass frames made of titanium alloy, they have better flexibility than pure titanium frames, but not as light as pure titanium. If the frames have the mark of Ti-P or TITAN, it means they are made of pure titanium; if they are marked with Ti-C, it means that they are made of titanium alloy. Both pure titanium and titanium alloy frames are belong to the up rank and are a little more expensive than common metal frames.

Nonmetal frames are mainly made of compound colophony, the current plank frames and nylon frames are belong to nonmetal frames. Plank frames have the merits of light, corrosion resisted, and not easy to be distorted and discolored. This type of frames is most suitable to people who are allergic to metal. Nylon frames are another kind of fashionable frames at the time being, for they have high lubrication ability, heat-stable, abrasion-proof and impact resistant.

Natural-material frames are frames made of special wood, animal horn or turtle. They are light, durable, varnish and worth conserving, while expensive too. is a nice online optical store, if you are on the thinking of buying a new pair of eyeglasses or just have questions to ask about, you can go and have a visit.