Glasses Crafter

Cheap glasses bring happiness

Sometimes, a very tiny article, such a pair a cheap glasses can change our life.
I am a taxi driver, a most ordinary person in the complex society. I met many people everyday, they are also some ordinary people, jerks, policemen, dancers, and even the singers, of cause not those famous ones. However, I have to admit, since last year, or in another word, since the world financial crisis, my business is less prosperous as before. I used to jeer that I also saw my economic turbulence. As the financial crisis went on, people preferred to public transportation than taking taxi, as result, I find it difficult to live on.

I became unhappy, every day my family had to suffer my gloomy face. I seldom laugh at home during that period of time. I still remember my daughter look at me sadly and disappointedly. Her look made me even bitter. That is true. I used to bring laughter and happiness to my family. I gave a big hug to my wife and kissed my darling daughter every time I went home. However, now everything has changed, I made my family full of depression and disappointment. I was so mad with my self, I felt so guilty of being such a failure as both a father and husband.

However, last week, on the day of my birthday, everything had changed, again I found myself a happy and lucky guy. I had supper with my wife and daughter on that night so as to celebrate my 35th birthday. My wife prepared six dishes for us, which were a lavish one to a humble family like mine. My daughter, Lucy, my most lovely daughter sang a song for me and kissed me after the diner, she whispered to me that she had a surprise for me the next day morning.

The next morning I went to work as usual, as I opened the door of my car, I found a box lying on my seat. Inside was a pair of glasses, a handsome and fashion one. This one is very stylish compare to my old glasses. A solid full rim design gives the max protection to the lenses and make them last longer. Soft silica nose pads gently sit on my nose and artistic plastic temple piece makes me looks smart instead of a failed father. I found I piece of paper in the box, on which said, dear Dad, wish this pair of new glasses can bring a new fresh world in front of you. Wearing this new paring of glasses, I really found out a new world, a world full of hope and love.

Thanks to this new pair of glasses, (later know that my daughter bought online I began a new version of life. I keep fighting everyday even though my difficulties still lie there. I find myself the luckiest guy in the world.